Big Shove From Bjorkland Gets Through

There was just 15,000 in the middle on a :::ts:::2s:::4s:::9s flop and Kurt Bjorkland had shoved all in for 84,500.

His opponent was Cedric Zaks who was tanking and toying with his decision.

"I don’t have the balls," said Zaks eventually before open-folding :::4c:::4h for a set. Bjorkland showed :::jh:::jc for just a pair of jacks and Zaks shouted an expletive.

"I knew you had that," said Zaks. "Fuck me!"

"Don’t worry man," said someone at the table. "The river could ahve been a jack."

Cedric Zaks110,00010,000
Kurt Bjorkland105,000