Bogdan Petrascu Eliminated in 26th Place (€4,560)

Hand 1

From the button, Bogdan Petrascu shoved all in and Cristian Tardea called with the :::Ah:::7h for his last 244,000 in the small blind. Petrascu had the :::Ax{10x} and saw the board run out :::Ac:::6d:::Kc:::3c:::7c. Petrascu was left with less than a big blind after the hand.

Hand 2

William Hens limped in, Petrascu called all in and Adrian Bizineche then shoved for 79,000 from the small blind. Hens called and put two players at risk.

Bogdan Petrascu: {10s}:::2d
Adrian Bizineche: :::5c:::5d
William Hens: :::Kh:::Jh

The board ran out :::Qs:::Jd:::3d:::7c:::5s and Bizineche rivered his set to more than double, while Petrascu was eliminated in 26th place for €4,560.

Cristian Tardea500,000400,000
William Hens400,000-72,000
Adrian Bizineche200,000-60,000
Bogdan Petrascu0-580,000