Boiko Eliminates Montrimas in Two Hands

Tomas Montrimas raised it up from under the gun and Iaroslav Boiko re-raised to 3,500 in the small blind. Montrimas called and the flop fell :::jd:::9c:::2h. Boiko led out for 2,500 and Montrimas called.

The turn was the :::6s and both players checked to the :::ac on the river. Boiko fired out another 2,500 and Montrimas quickly called. Boiko showed :::ks:::kc and Montrimas conceded.

In the next hand, Kenny Hallaert opened to 1,200 in the hijack and Boiko three-bet to 3,500 on the button. Montrimas shoved all in for 10,800 in the big blind which got Hallaert to fold but Boiko called.

Montrimas was ahead with his :::as:::qs but Boiko held two live cards with :::jd:::td. The flop of :::ts:::9h:::7c put Boiko in the lead with a pair of tens and Montrimas was unable to catch up on the :::6d and :::7d runout.

Iaroslav Boiko36,400
Kenny Hallaert22,300-7,700
Tomas Montrimas0