Bostan Jams Up Stack; Break With 6 Remaining

Toni Judet raised to 65,000 with :::Ac:::6d and Stefan Drusca called with the :::3s:::3d on the button. Traian Bostan in the big blind three-bet jammed :::Ah:::Ks for 725,000 in the big blind, which won him the pot uncontested.

Right after the players were sent into a 15-minute break and when they return, the blind level duration will be shortened to 45 minutes.

Martin Soukup3,125,000-185,000
Stefan Drusca2,090,000-230,000
Cristian Grecu2,010,000-90,000
Marius Gicovanu1,630,000-190,000
Toni Judet1,230,000235,000
Traian Bostan900,000385,000