Bostan Wins Flip to Double Through Murariu

Eugen Chiva raised to 160,000 from early position with :::8c:::8s and the action folded to Dan Murariu, who shoved from the button. Traian Bostan called all in from the small blind and Chiva folded.

Traian Bostan: :::Qs:::Qd
Dan Murariu: :::Ad:::Kc

The board ran out :::Jc:::7s:::5d:::Jd:::3c and Bostan doubled up for 1,925,000 to leave Murariu short and suddenly take the lead.

Traian Bostan4,170,0002,060,000
Adrian Stefan Calusaru3,715,000-360,000
Eli Heath3,155,000-200,000
Cosmin Cimpeanu2,530,000710,000
Ionut-Alin Tambura1,305,000-200,000
Gabriel Gavrila1,280,000-200,000
Dan Murariu1,105,000-2,470,000
Eugen Chiva835,000-560,000