Bracelet Winner Papazian in Action

Alexandru Papazian, the first Romanian to win a bracelet for his home country at the World Series of Poker, has been spotted in the field. However, he looked somewhat different as the signature beard he had been sporting the last few years was gone and a second glance was needed to verify it was indeed Papazian.

Carmen Zainescu and Silviu Baltateanu have started well and the current chip leader appears to be Gabriel Gavrila.

Gabriel Gavrila80,00080,000
Carmen Zainescu57,00025,000
Mihnea Potcoava55,00055,000
Silviu Baltateanu48,00018,000
Charlotte van Brabander48,00012,000
Alan Widmann38,0008,000
Alexandru Papazian38,00038,000
Sven Edelenbosch36,0006,000
Gerret van Lancker33,0003,000
Monica Vaka20,000-11,000