Break for the Final Duo

The next level comes to an end, which means the duo is heading into a 15-minute break.

On the {10h}:::4d:::2h:::6c turn, Traian Bostan check-called a bet worth 800,000 by Eli Heath with :::3d:::2d and his opponent only had :::Qc:::7c, then gave up the :::Jd river to let Bostan win the pot.

Heath took some chips back with :::Kh:::Qs versus :::9d:::2d after firing the :::Qd:::9s:::5c flop for 400,000 and picking up a call before the {10c} on the turn saw him win the pot with another barrel.

Nothing much has been happening in the heads-up duel lately and the increasing blinds will soon make it more shallow.

Traian Bostan12,225,0001,125,000
Eli Heath5,705,000-1,295,000