Brennan Doubles McCormack; Plots Miracle Comeback

Outer Table

Over on the outer table, Keith Brennan had Robbie McCormack on the ropes when both short stacks were all in with McCormack at risk.

Robbie McCormack: :::Kh{10d}
Keith Brennan: :::Ah:::Ks

The board came :::Jh:::9s:::5s:::Qh:::6c and McCormack turned a straight to double for 560,000.

Down to 45,000 and having invested 5,000 for the ante, Brennan was all in the next hand on the button as Henri Koivisto raised to 80,000, which McCormack in the small blind called.

McCormack bet the :::Jh:::9s:::5s flop for 100,000 and Koivisto called. The :::4d turn and :::9h river were checked and McCormack showed :::Ks{10s}, Koivisto had the :::Kh{10c} and Brennan tripled up with :::Ah:::7d.

Right after, Koivisto raised and called the shove of Brennan with the :::5c:::4c, Brennan turned over :::7h:::7d. The board came :::8h:::6d:::5s:::Jh:::6s and Brennan doubled to crawl back into contention with now 10 big blinds.

Henri Koivisto1,750,000-200,000
Robbie McCormack1,200,000600,000
Keith Brennan400,000-200,000