Brennan Doubles Through McCormack

Feature Table

Robbie McCormack raised to 55,000 and Henri Koivisto called with the :::Jh{10h}. In the big blind, Keith Brennan three-bet to 190,000 in the big blind and McCormack moved all in to force a fold from Koivisto. Brennan quickly called and was at risk for 647,000.

Keith Brennan: :::Kc:::Kh
Robbie McCormack: :::9c:::9d

The board came :::Qd:::Qh:::7s:::Ah{10c} and Brennan doubled to take over the chip lead on the six-handed feature table.

Keith Brennan1,367,000580,000
Robbie McCormack1,262,000-414,000
Henri Koivisto807,000-58,000