Brennan Loses to Brock Again

Outer Table

Keith Brennan raised to 60,000 and was called by Michael Brock on the button and Henri Koivisto in the big blind. The :::7h:::4d:::3h flop was checked through and the :::Jc turn was checked to Brennan, who bet 100,000. Only Brock called and the :::8d river was checked. Brennan showed the :::Kd:::Qd for king-high and Brock won the pot with :::Jh{10h}.

Brock won the next pot on the flop against Paul Jux Holderness and jumped back to where he started.

Michael Brock1,400,000400,000
Henri Koivisto1,400,000-150,000
Keith Brennan700,000-260,000