Brennan Loses Two

Outer Table

After defending his big blind against a raise by Paul Jux Holderness on the button, Keith Brennan checked and subsequently check-raised from 65,000 to 175,000 with the flop showing :::Ac:::Jd:::2d. Jux Holderness called and the turn came the :::7c. Brennan checked and folded when facing a bet of 165,000 by Jux Holderness.

Soon after, Brennan would lose another pot and dipped to half a million in chips. On the tail end of a :::Kd:::7s:::5h:::Qh:::5c board, Brennan paid off a bet of 165,000 by Michael Brock and mucked when he was shown :::6c:::5s for trips fives.

Michael Brock1,400,000250,000
Paul Jux Holderness1,250,000170,000
Keith Brennan500,000-625,000