Brock Gets One Through; Break With 7 Remaining

Michael Brock raised to 125,000 with the :::Jh:::Jc and Julien Kron called on the button with the :::7s:::7d. The flop brought :::Ac:::6s:::2s and Brock bet 150,000, Kron tossed in calling chips and they headed to the :::8d turn. Brock fired a second bet of 425,000 and Kron folded after some consideration.

After the hand, the remaining seven players headed into a 15-minute break.

Michael Brock2,805,000395,000
Julien Kron2,700,000-100,000
Paul Jux Holderness1,545,000165,000
David Schable1,185,000120,000
Mick McCloskey1,055,000-40,000
Henri Koivisto790,000-130,000
Keith Brennan700,000-100,000