Burke Trips Up Zieluski

The flop was already dealt reading :::7d:::9d:::Ac with five players in the hand. Action checked around on the flop, but on the turn :::7h, Przemyskaw Zieluski tossed out a bet of 1,200. Only Ciaran Burke came along to see the river :::5s.

Zieluski led out for 2,200 and Burke made the call, tabling :::Tx:::7x as Zieluski mucked his hand.

Elsewhere in the room, Unibet Ambassador and the other half of the award winning The Chip Race podcast, David Lappin, has gotten into the game. Along with Lappin, Unibet UK Tour Manchester champion Philip Huxley, European Deepstacks winner Stephen Kehoe, media influencer Dehlia de Jong, and Unibet regular Toby Locke have also joined the Day 1b action.

Przemyskaw Zieluski 33,000 4,500
Ciaran Burke 32,000 2,000
Philip Huxley 30,000
Stephen Kehoe 30,000
David Lappin 30,000
Dehlia de Jong 30,000
Toby Locke 30,000