Cahill Can’t Beat Farrell

Monica Vaka limped in and Peter Cahill raised to 2,500, which John Farrell called out of the blinds. Vaka got out of the way and the duo headed to the :::9s:::8h:::7h flop. The action went check, check, and Farrell then bet the :::9d turn for 3,100, Cahill came along.

After the :::4c river, Farrell bet 2,000 and Cahill grinned, ultimately called after some consideration. Farrell showed the :::7d:::6d and that won the pot.

Monica Vaka52,00016,000
Peter Cahill42,00042,000
John Farrell37,00037,000
Shaun Hegarty00
Mikael Hyvarinen00
Alina Cadar00
Rauno Tahvonen0-13,000
Patrick Malone0-31,000
Fiona Sand0-12,000