Changing of the Guard

In the past couple of levels, Stig Bjornli and Gedas Petrauskas have soared their way to the top of the chip counts for the first time in the tournament. They are joined by Connor Quinn as the only three players with 400,000 or more chips.

Stig Bjornli433,000324,000
Gedas Petrauskas432,000401,000
Connor Quinn400,000225,000
Zoltan Barabas375,000119,000
Ian Simpson370,000286,000
Matthew Ireland364,00089,000
Christopher Heidelbacher345,00025,000
Alan Carr330,000-28,000
Renato Messina320,0002,000
Jacques Demajo310,000-9,000
Alexandre Reard270,00010,000
Sulaiman Sesay270,000195,500
Mateusz Wozniak249,00029,000
Michael Brock245,00014,000
Christian Andersen244,000-16,000