Cimpeanu Squeezes Up to 30 Big Blinds

Florin Elisei raised with :::9h:::8h to 130,000 from middle position and his left-hand neighbor, Anton Vinokurov, called the bet with :::As:::Qd. Vojtech Susta called from the cutoff with :::8s:::8c and when it was on Cosmin Cimpeanu on the button he three-bet to 550,000 with :::Ac:::Th.

Elisei folded his hand and Vinokurov mucked his hand after giving it much thought. Susta let go of his hand as well and Cimpeanu took down a big pot without showdown.

Anton Vinokurov 4,260,000 -140,000
Florin Elisei 3,960,000 -220,000
Cosmin Cimpeanu 1,805,000 305,000
Vojtech Susta 1,090,000 -355,000