Commanding Lead for Soukup

Marius Gicovanu opened to 225,000 with the :::Js:::8h and Martin Soukup three-bet jammed with :::6s:::6h to force a fold from Gicovanu, who had 29 big blinds behind.

Soukup raised to 200,000 with :::Ac:::8c and Gicovanu called with the :::Jd:::7s. On the :::Ad:::8d:::4h flop, Gicovanu checked and called a bet of 200,000 before then leading the :::5d turn for 500,000. Soukup called and the :::Jh fell on the river. Despite picking up a pair now, Gicovanu checked and Soukup checked behind to establish a 4-1 lead.

Martin Soukup8,800,0001,070,000
Marius Gicovanu2,200,000-1,070,000