Craig ‘ONSCREEN’ Shannon Tops the Day 1b Field

Craig 'ONSCREEN' Shannon

The final starting flights of the 2019 Unibet Open London £990 Main Event have come to their conclusion with a combined 104 players progressing.

Today’s action saw 237 entries take part in Day 1b with 83 battling it out in Day 1c Turbo.

Unibet esports player Craig ‘ONSCREEN’ Shannon claimed the Day 1b chip lead after an incredible house over house hand, while Levi Yossef topped the 1c field.

The biggest hand of the day occurred just moments before the final break in level 10 when ‘ONSCREEN’ turned a less than 1% chance of winning into a 320,000 stack. Shannon raised from under the gun with ace-jack and saw Henri Jantunen defend his big blind with pocket-jacks. Jantunen check-called c-bet from Shannon on the jack-six-four flop, and they saw the ace-of-hearts hit the turn. Jantunen opted to check-raise a 15,000 bet from Shannon to 45,000, after two minutes in the tank, the latter moved all in for 150,000.

Jantunen snap-called and revealed his set, with Shannon extremely unlucky to be behind and on the verge of elimination holding two pair.

But with an audience watching on the live stream, the table roared in shock after the ace-of-clubs hit the river to propel Shannon into the lead with the runner-runner higher full house to win the massive pot.

Elsewhere, Unibet ambassadors Ian Simpson & Espen Uhlen Jorstad both fell from the 1b field, but Simpson was able to make amends.

Jorstad was eliminated in the penultimate level when he three-bet all in from the big blind after an open raise from the button, only to see his ace-four no match for ace-jack. Jorstad had also missed out on the chance to enter Day 1c Turbo, whereby his teammate Simpson was progressing steadily. ‘Iany’ as he is known to his Twitch following, lasted all 11 levels and made sure he would return for Day 2 with a 90,500 stack.

Other Unibet esports players Vincent ‘Mista’ Timans (78,500) and Fabien ‘kiocsgo’ Fiey (55,00) also bagged chips in Day 1b to move forward.

Peter ‘Suntouch’ Logan, Andrew ‘TidesofTime’ Biessener, Melania Myloti,and Mario ‘RaptorDaRaptor’ Joos were not so lucky and were unable to progress.

Former Unibet Open champions Iaron Lightbourne and Paul Jux-Holderness were also eliminated during the action.

The Day 2 action from ‘The Vic’ will begin at Noon local time as the players battle for a place in the money spots and a seat at the final table.

Day 2 Seat Draw

NameChip CountTableSeat
Gordon Plomp45,00041
Levi Yossef145,50042
Jamie Rutherford28,00043
Joe Hindry39,50044
David Johnson25,50045
Adrian Haaberg63,00046
Daniel Pyke184,00047
Aleksandr Lebedev76,00048
Oliver White86,00051
Matas Budginas61,00052
Doan Thanh44,50053
Michael Hill65,50054
Lauridas Mielsen65,00055
Jenny Israel57,00056
Ryan Mandara50,00057
Emil Loyning54,00058
Sinead Priestley264,00061
Jozsef Hegyi123,50062
Linden Elias114,00063
Dennis Lindmark30,50064
Joost Schippers154,00065
Charlotte Van Brabander109,50066
Aage Reerslev55,00067
Michael Dunleavy105,50068
Olli Okkonen30,50071
Hugues Mazerolle137,50072
Christopher Scholes170,50073
Kristian Kjondal41,50074
Rory De Vos94,00075
David Barnes144,50076
Jeff Kimber119,00077
Laurence Houghton16,00078
Tai Tran147,50081
Ryan Kelly94,50082
Paul Siddle15,50083
David Lappin47,00084
Damian Bell125,00085
Afshin Alikhani109,00086
Jesse Chambers289,00087
Nicholas Lee110,50088
Etienne Fortin28,50091
Jan Vandenbogert107,50092
Alexandru Cinca120,50093
Daniel Samson141,00094
Markus Heikkila70,00095
Martin Bader74,50096
Jose Castillo119,00097
Julien Terrasson69,50098
Alexander Kobbeltvedt62,500101
Kenneth Andreassen24,500102
Geoffroy Combette99,500103
Craig Shannon332,500104
Benjamin Winsor196,500105
Mor Kamber101,000106
Olvedo Heinze90,000107
John Heming22,500108
Vamshi Vandanapu236,500111
Alexandru Farcas30,000112
William Davies79,000113
Jeroen Brouwers86,500114
Nicolas-Joseph Hippolyte88,000115
Alexandre Reard360,000116
Kristian Kaihovaara27,500117
Per Gaassand95,500118
Larrabesanchez Andoni143,000121
Christos Xanthopoulos104,500122
Krysztof Jacyk75,000123
Stephane Benadiba70,000124
Alex Bounsall105,000125
Gary Bluston129,500126
Anko Hoogendijk108,000127
Nikolai Mamut18,000128
Neil Mcculloch107,000131
Lei Wang274,500132
Dost Ghrabie86,000133
Josef Fauszt74,000134
Sakari Jaaskelainen121,000135
Pierrick Chaintreuil91,500136
Andrew Christoforou302,500137
Lars Osen67,500138
Marius Heiene90,000141
Monica Vaka147,000142
Arild Floysvik135,000143
Micha Hoedemaker73,000144
Jozsef Csapo33,500145
Andreas Svendsen18,500146
Ronnie Espensen81,000147
Braz Junior188,000148
Jon Sataoeen127,000151
Connor Ross53,000152
Mark Hawes42,000153
Egon Holdhus59,000154
Olaf Bierman68,500155
Yiqian Song100,500156
Andrey Veselov40,000157
Haresh Thaker71,500158
Petter Eriksen76,000161
Gediminas Paulauskas120,000162
Benjamin Davo141,000163
Daniel James191,000164
Robert Vukovic39,000165
Mateusz Moolhuizen26,000166
Hege Tomter43,000167
Vrancsik Zoltan140,000168
Daragh Davey58,500171
George Dimuleasa48,000172
Steve Watts314,500173
Ionut Dragomir48,000174
Vincent Timans78,500175
Thomas Svendgaard142,500176
Stylianos Pitsiavas58,000177
Samir Timuri136,000178
Haoran Cai195,500301
Kristian Hustig225,500302
Richard King125,000303
Nikolai Pedersen48,500304
Kane Hope126,500305
Ian Simpson90,500306
Jan Naderzadeh61,000307
Erland Kalstad18,500308
Bjornar Lovlie101,500311
Alexander Haaland39,000312
Le Nguyen45,000313
Fadhil Farag21,000314
Johannes Vaisanen93,000315
Henri Jantunen62,000316
Zlatan Musa69,500318
Justin Kyriakides71,000321
Mahmoud Berjaoui47,500322
Rehman Kassam59,500323
Tapio Jarvinen78,000324
Adrian Nica80,500325
Martin Holmes118,000326
Erik Mertens65,000327
Gheorghe Mirita75,500331
Raul Martinez129,000332
Nikolay Ponomarev98,000333
Daniel Dolcic80,000334
Fabien Fiey55,000335
Pavlos Xanthopoulos76,500336
Mihai Zelinca142,500337

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