Cristinel Costin Eliminated

Dan Sampson

A raise to 2,500 came in from middle position and five players called.

The flop fell :::ad:::5d{10c}, and Daniel Samson bet 6,200 from the hijack after the action had checked around to him.

Cristinel Costin called from the cutoff, as did Amanda Sidark, from the big blind.

The three players saw a :::qh turn card and Sidark checked. Samson bet 16,000 and Costin moved all in for 40,000. Sidark quickly folded and Samson snap-called.

Samson flipped over :::kd:::jd for the straight and nut flush, wit Costin unfortunate to be behind holding :::ah:::qd for top two pair.

The :::4d improved Samson to the nut flush, and Costin departed.

Daniel Samson 190,000 85,000
Cristinel Costin 0 -70,000