Curious Double-up Khatri

Bhavin Khatri

Bhavin Khatri had 161,000 in front of him and was all in from middle position. In the small blind, Anton Kuznetsov had two T-25,000 chips in front of him and the big blind had folded.

Kuznetsov missed the all in move of Khatri, but with the money already invested called off the extra chips as well.

Bhavin Khatri: :::Jh:::Jd
Anton Kuznetsov: :::Ts:::7h

No sweat for Khatri on :::Ad:::6d:::2d:::6s:::Kh and he scored an easy double-up.

Anton Kuznetsov 460,000 -161,000
Bhavin Khatri 340,000 160,000