David Lappin Eliminated in 15th Place (€6,520)

David Lappin

Vojtech Susta raised to 85,000 from late position and David Lappin sat in the big blind when it folded to him. The Unibet Poker Ambassador moved all in for his last 395,000 and Susta called the all-in bet.

David Lappin: :::Td:::Tc
Vojtech Susta: :::Ah:::8h.

The board ran out :::5c:::4d:::5d:::As:::6h and that eliminated the last Unibet Poker Ambassador standing in the 2018 Unibet Open Bucharest Main Event.

Lappin gets to collect €6,520 at the payout desk for his 15th place finish.

David Lappin 0 -505,000