Day 1c Has Started

For the first time ever the Unibet Open has allowed reentries in their Main Event. All the players that have busted out of Day 1a or 1b are allowed to do one reentry in the turbo 1c flight. Players that haven’t played 1a or 1b have the option to reenter into flight 1c if they bust it one time. Below are a couple of the names that are giving it (another) try.

Hugh Cohen30,00030,000
Asher Dahan30,00030,000
Tim English30,00030,000
Chaim Koifman30,00030,000
Quentin Lecomte30,00030,000
Deddi Orpaz30,0000
Eduard Norel30,00030,000
Tobias Peters30,00030,000
Keiron Prescott30,00030,000
Phil Schonebaum30,00030,000
Ian Simpson30,00030,000
Sander van Wesemael30,00030,000
Gerret van Lancker30,00030,000
Rauno Tahvonen30,0000