De Vos Doubles

Over on the feature table, a short-stacked Rory De Vos was all in for just under seven big blinds in the small blind and tabled the :::2h:::2d. Benny Glaser on the button held :::Ad:::2s and failed to get there despite plenty of outs on a board of :::Jd{10d}{10h}:::8d:::4h.

On the outer tables, Patrick Clarke shoved into a bet of 55,000 by John Farrell on the :::Kd:::Qs:::3s:::6s:::2c river and forced a fold. Farrell had come back 20 minutes late and lost the first active hand after dinner.

Robbie McCormack710,00094,000
John Farrell540,000-160,000
Patrick Clarke520,000190,000
Benny Glaser270,000-67,000
Rory de Vos160,00030,000