De Zutter Doubles; Laurentjoye Busts

Quentin Laurentjoye

Alexandre de Zutter doubled up for 83,000 after having pushed from the small blind with the :::Kc:::9s. Catalin Morariu called in the big blind with :::Ac:::Qh and saw the board running out :::Ks:::5h:::7d:::6d:::Jh.

One table over, Martin Wendt raised to 24,000 from under the gun and fellow Frenchman Quentin Laurentjoye pushed from the cutoff for 245,000. Wendt quickly called and it was a flip for Laurentjoye.

Quentin Laurentjoye: :::Ah:::Kd
Martin Wendt: :::Qd:::Qs

The board ran out {10h}:::9h:::4s:::9s:::2d and Laurentjoye was eliminated.

Martin Wendt540,000250,000
Alexandre de Zutter175,000125,000
Quentin Laurentjoye0-250,000