De Zutter Runs out of Chips

Alexandre de Zutter

Alexandre de Zutter raised to 31,000 and Jakob Linden shoved for 97,000 with the :::Ah:::Ac. De Zutter called with :::As:::2d and the board came {10s}:::9d:::7d:::7h:::3s.

Then, he limped in, Cristian Dan raise to 37,000 and de Zutter then shoved for 280,000. Dan quickly called and de Zutter needed to improve once again.

Alexandre de Zutter: :::Jd{10h}
Cristian Dan: :::Ah:::Ks

The :::As:::5s:::2s:::Qs:::5d board left little hope on the flop and no more chips on the turn for the Frenchman and he exited in 40th place.

Cristian Dan800,000200,000
Jakob Linden210,000-110,000
Alexandre de Zutter0-175,000