Dennis Kleinleugemors Eliminated in 3rd Place (€22,598*)

Dennis Kleinleugemors and Glenn Laurys got all their chips into the middle from the blinds, with the players having almost identical stacks.

Kleinleugemors: K♦9♣
Laureys: A♣8♦

Board: 7♣6♦4♠6♣3♠

Kleinleugemors was unable to connect with the board, and when the stacks were counted, he was left with a single 25,000 chip.

The Dutchman was also unable to create a miracle in the very next hand when all in and departed in 3rd place for his share of the deal worth €22,598.

Kleinleugemors also wins a package to compete at Unibet Open Paris in December after being the crowned the online qualifier last longer winner!