Dowling and Hurri Out; Vaka and King Thriving

Monica Vaka

Jari Hurri sent his stack over to table neighbor Greg King, who joined the big stacks after the dinner break.

One table over, Monica Vaka also built her stack after taking from Christopher Stephens. Vaka raised to 2,200 and was called in a battle cutoff versus button. Another 3,500 each followed to the middle on the :::Jh:::8h:::3h flop and the :::Ks turn was checked. On the :::Qs river, Vaka check-raised from 10,000 to 22,000 and a visibly confused Stephens reluctantly folded.

Greg King145,00050,000
Ian Simpson140,00070,000
Barrie Pietersz100,000-19,000
Bogdan Petrascu100,000-50,000
Monica Vaka75,00035,000
David Lappin63,000-12,000
Quentin Lecomte60,000-20,000
Christopher Stephens40,00040,000
Alan Widmann0-24,000
Jari Hurri0-55,000
Chris Dowling0-45,000
Johan Goslings0-30,000
Cristian Cirtog00
Darren Millar00
Ronni Borg0-18,500