Down to 54 Players

Another trio of players ran out of chips to reduce the field to the last 54 and Mariusz Niski avoided the elimination just shy of the money after doubling through Nicolae Suciu.

Suciu had limped the button and Niski jammed for 53,000 in the small blind, Suciu called and tabled :::5c:::5s. Niski had the far superior pocket pair in :::Qc:::Qh and had little to fear on the :::7h:::4s:::4d:::Kc:::Jd board.

The same table also feature Traian Bostan, who more than doubled as of lately, and Dara O’Kearney is right in his comfort zone of ten big blinds one table over.

Traian Bostan170,000110,000
Nicolae Suciu160,000-70,000
Mariusz Niski110,00080,600
Dara O’Kearney50,0005,000
Johan Creutz0-190,000
Raoul Iancovici0-32,000
Sandor Hadnagy0-71,300