Dragomir Sends Koko Home

Stefan Razvan Dragomir had 5,000 in front of him and two seats over to the left there was an all-in triangle in front of Yonatan Koko. The action was on Emelie Svenningsson and she folded. Dragomir called and they opened up their hands.

Stefan Razvan Dragomir: :::Qd:::8d
Yonatan Koko: :::Qh:::Jc

Koko was the favorite on the moment the chips went to the middle, but not anymore when the dealer dealt the :::8c:::Kh:::Qc flop. The turn was the :::8h and the river the :::6c to end it all for Koko.

Emelie Svenningsson claimed to have folded :::Qs:::8s after the hand was done.

Stefan Razvan Dragomir 174,000 -6,000
Yonatan Koko 0