Dupont Doubles Through Potenza

Peter Dupont was down to his last 290,000 after the blinds had just passed him. He shoved from the hijack and action was on Dominique Potenza who asked for a count. The dealer confirmed the shove was for 290,000 in total and he hesitated for a bit. He counted the big blind he had already paid and then reluctantly called.

Peter Dupont: K♦9♥
Dominique Potenza: J♥5♥

The board ran out K♥Q♦Q♥8♣3♣ to give Dupont two pair on the flop and Potenza a flush draw. The turn and the river didn’t change the situation and Dupont more than doubled up.

Dominique Potenza – 3,200,000
Peter Dupont – 700,000