Eckert Triples Up

Roberto Morra raised to 80,000 under the gun with :::Qd:::Td. Julien Stripoli three-bet to 240,000 one seat over. Jan Eckert four-bet shoved 255,000 from the small blind with :::Ah:::Qs. Morra called, not allowing Stripoli to reopen the action and the Frenchman splashed the extra chips in as well.

The :::Qc hit in the window to give Eckert the lead, and was accompanied by the :::4d and :::3c. After two checks, the :::6c fell on the turn. Morra bet 350,000 to get Stripoli out of the way.

The river was the :::Jh and Eckert tripled up.

Jan Eckert830,000610,000