Elias Vaaraniemi Eliminated in 24th Place (€3,000)

Elias Vaaraniemi

A big stack not long ago, Elias Vaaraniemi has suddenly been eliminated in 24th place after running horrendously since the redraw took place.

In yet another all in showdown, he had Sean Foley on the ropes with :::Ad:::Qd versus :::Ah{10c} and even turned top pair only for Foley to river a straight in unlikely fashion on the board :::9c:::8h:::5c:::Qs:::Jh.

Then, Vaaraniemi was all ion with :::7s:::7c soon after and Patrick Clarke took the flip with :::Ac:::Kc. This time, the board came :::Qs{10c}:::2s:::8d:::Kd and the king on the river spelled the end for Vaaraniemi.

Patrick Clarke660,000120,000
Sean Foley475,000225,000
Elias Vaaraniemi0-320,000