Espensen Flushes Out Popov’s Aces

Slaven Popov opened to 25,000 from the cutoff and got a call from Ronnie Espensen from the big blind.

Espensen open-jammed for 139,000 after the flop came :::4h:::3c:::9h and Popov called.

Ronnie Espensen: :::Jh:::Th
Slaven Popov: :::Ah:::Ac

Espensen was drawing to a flush and got what he was looking for after the :::5h appeared on the turn. All he had to do now was fade another heart, which would give Popov a better flush, to stay alive in the tournament and double-up.

The :::Ac completed the board on the river to give Popov a set. This wasn’t good enough to beat a flush and Espensen doubled up.

Ronnie Espensen 340,000 -75,000
Slaven Popov 330,000 -170,000