esports Battle Royale XII Champion Rotterdam in Action

After a raise to 300 first to act and the call of Nils Jeppsson in the cutoff, Kevin “Rotterdam” van der Kooi called in the small blind. Benjamin Lebor in the big blind three-bet to 900 and all three opponents called. On the :::Ac:::6h:::3h flop, van der Kooi checked and Lebor continued for 1,300, which only Jeppsson called.

After the :::7c turn, a second barrel for 2,600 followed and Jeppsson called once more. They checked the :::Qs river and Lebor tabled :::Ah:::Jh, Jeppsson flashed a busted clubs flush draw.

Benjamin Lebor37,000
Kevin van der Kooi32,00032,000
Nils Jeppsson24,00024,000