Eszter Fabian Eliminated in 22nd Place (€5,090)

Eszter Fabian

Gabriel Gavrila raised from middle position to 50,000 and the last remaining woman in the field, Eszter Fabian, shoved for 179,000 from the button. Action folded back to Gavrila and he called with the words "good luck."

Eszter Fabian: :::Ah{10d}
Gabriel Gavrila: :::Qh:::8h

The flop of :::Qs:::5h:::2c improved Gavrila and the :::7d turn and :::5s river both failed to save Fabian. She takes home €5,090 for her efforts and the tournament has been reduced to the last 21 hopefuls.

Gabriel Gavrila1,800,000440,000
Eszter Fabian0-300,000