Even More for Soukup

In a battle of the blinds, Marius Gicovanu raised with {10d}:::9d and Martin Soukup called with the :::Ah:::Kc. The :::Kd:::6d:::5h flop was checked by Gicovanu and Soukup bet 160,000 into a pot of 290,000, Gicovanu called. The :::5s turn paired the board and both players checked.

Gicavonu bet the {10s} river for 185,000 and Soukup reluctantly called to further increase the gap at the top of the leader board. After the showdown, Gicovanu was definitely surprised at what cards he was shown by Soukup.

Martin Soukup4,280,000480,000
Marius Gicovanu2,580,000-420,000