Fantastic Start For Bierman

Olaf Bierman is up to 80,000 already after hitting quads and a full house over two hands.

In the first situation, Bierman cracked aces by hitting quads with pocket queens to score an early elimination.

Soon after, he found himself in another profitable spot.

The flop was down :::jd{10d}:::9h and Zlatan Musa bet 200 from the small blind. Alexander Schechter called from the big blind as did Bierman from the cutoff.

The turn card fell the :::6d and Musa saw his 700 bet called by both opponents.

Musa checked after the river was revealed to be the :::6h, and Schechter bet 1,000.

Bierman raised to 2,000 and Musa called before Schechter folded.

Bierman tabled {10h}{10s} for a full house and Musa mucked.

Olaf Bierman 80,000 80,000