Feature Table Action

Lisa “STPeach” Vannatta

Karol Wojciechowski ran with his last 28,600 and :::As:::Qh into the :::Ad:::Ac of John Byrne and found no help on a board of :::Kh:::8d:::6d:::6c:::Qd.

In real time, another two players already busted in Michael Conaty and Alexandru Cinca.

Conaty had a rough setup against none other than Lisa “STPeach” Vannatta and rivered a full house with :::Qh{10d} only for Vannatta to show :::Kc:::Qs for the superior full house on a board of :::Qc:::Qd:::5d:::Kh{10s}.

Soon after, Quentin Lecomte took out Alexandru Cinca when his :::Ac:::9c faced {10d}{10c} and the board came :::Kd:::8c:::3c:::8h:::2c to give Lecomte a winning flush.

Quentin Lecomte125,00065,000
Lisa Vannatta115,00089,000
John Byrne104,000104,000
Michael Conaty0-91,500
Karol Wojciechowski00
Alexandru Cinca00