Final Level of Play for Day 1a

The tournament clock has just clicked over into Level 10, which will be the final level of the night. After about 60 more minutes of play, the remaining players will bag up their chips to wait for Saturday’s Day 2.

Players who didn’t make the cut on Day 1a still have two more chances, both on Friday. Day 1b plays with the same structure as Day 1a at noon on Friday, while Day 1c plays as a turbo with 20 minute blinds starting at 9PM. Day 1c is the only chance to re-enter this event … players can’t reenter on either Day 1a or b, but anyone who busted one of those days can take a second shot in Day 1c. Of course, Day 1c is also open to new entries for players who either couldn’t make one of the first two Day 1s, or who simply prefer a turbo structure on Day 1.