First Hiccup for Kanic-Mitrovic

Luca Beretta

With around 10,000 already in the middle, the dealer fanned the flop of :::td:::9c:::4s. Luca Beretta and Uros Kanic-Mitrovic were heads-up in the pot and the two players quickly got all of the chips in the middle with Beretta at risk for 24,000.

Luca Beretta: :::ks:::kd
Uros Kanic-Mitrovic: :::js:::jd

Both players held an overpair to the board but it was Beretta who had a comfortable lead. The :::8c on the turn and the :::6c on the river changed nothing as Beretta held on for a double up. It was the first hiccup for Kanic-Mitrovic who has been having a stellar start to the day sitting among the leaders.

Uros Kanic-Mitrovic72,50013,500
Luca Beretta58,50058,500