Florin Elisei Eliminated in 4th Place (€32,720)

Florin Elisei

Florin Elisei moved all in with :::9c:::3c from the small blind and big blind Anton Vinokurov called with :::Ts:::Th.

The board ran out :::4s:::9h:::Ks:::2c:::7h and Elisei was eliminated from the 2018 Unibet Open Bucharest Main Event. Elisei got to collect €32,720 at the payout desk for his 4th place finish.

The players are going on an impromptu 10-minute break.

Anton Vinokurov14,560,0002,385,000
Carmen Zainescu1,965,000625,000
Cosmin Cimpeanu1,240,000-1,105,000
Florin Elisei0-2,265,000