Flush for Bierman

The flop was down :::7h:::5h:::4h, and Pavlos Xanthopoulos checked from early position. Olaf Bierman bet 1,500 and saw both Martin Bader, sat on his immediate left, and Xanthopoulos call.

The turn fell the :::3c, and Bader bet 5,400 after the action checked to him. Only Bierman called, and they went heads-up to the :::5d river.

Bierman checked, Bader bet 12,000 and the former called.

Bader tabled :::as:::XX, and Bierman flipped over :::kh:::qh for a flush.

Olaf Bierman 90,000 30,000
Pavlos Xanthopoulos 76,000 16,000
Martin Bader 30,000 -51,000