Foord-Brown Touches Two Million

Francis Foord-Brown

In a limped pot between Giulio Mascolo (BTN), Fabio Miranda (SB) and Francis Foord-Brown (BB), there was no action on the :::9d:::Qs:::6s flop.

On the :::4d turn, Miranda checked, Foord-Brown bet 45,000, Mascolo called, Miranda check-raised to 140,000, Foord-Brown called and Mascolo called as well.

The river was the :::3c and Miranda bet 225,000. Foord-Brown quickly called and Mascolo folded.

Miranda showed :::6h:::5d for a pair of sixes and Foord-Brown tabled the winner with :::9s:::6c for two pair.

Foord-Brown was on 2,000,000 after the hand but in the next and final hand of the level, the Brit dropped 350,000 to Anton Kuznetsov. Foord-Brown paid off three barrels on :::Qc:::7h:::2h:::Qs:::6c, but couldn’t beat the Russian’s :::Kh:::Qd.

Francis Foord-Brown 1,650,000 328,000
Anton Kuznetsov 1,100,000 355,000
Fabio Miranda 840,000 -485,000