Four In a Row for Sesay

After falling down to one of the short stacks early on, Sulaiman Sesay is proving that he will not be picked on by the bigger stacks. Sesay pushed all in back-to-back ends to pick up the blinds and ante and continued his momentum.

Tonio Roeder opened to 55,000 in the hijack and Sesay defended his big blind. The flop came :::kc:::td:::5c and Sesay checked to Roeder who continued for 45,000. Sesay check-raised to 115,000 and Roeder folded.

In the next hand, Deivis Rinkevicius made it 60,000 from the cutoff and Sesay called from the small blind. The flop fell :::th:::tc:::4s and Sesay checked. Rinkevicius bet 55,000 and Sesay check-raised again to 140,000 which got a fold from Rinkevicius.

Sulaiman Sesay850,000265,000