Gabriel Gavrila Eliminated in 5th Place (€25,200)

Gabriel Gavrila

Eli Heath three-bet an open from Adrian Stefan Calusaru to boost his stack further and then saw Gabriel Gavrila open to 385,000 for half his stack as first to act.

Heath three-bet to 650,000 in the small blind and Gavrila moved all in for little more, Heath called.

Gabriel Gavrila: {10d}:::8d
Eli Heath: :::Ks:::Jd

The board ran out :::As:::6c:::4h:::9c:::4s, and despite all shouts of the Romanian rail, Gavrila failed to improve to exit in 5th place for €25,200.

Eli Heath5,580,0001,580,000
Gabriel Gavrila0-1,105,000