Gallagher Joins, Slips

Martin Gallagher

Martin Gallagher has taken his seat as well, completing the field. A mildly shocked Gallagher noticed just 11 players being left on the leaderboard, and sat down with a wryly smile.

Gallagher’s first hand of the day quickly evaporated said smile, as Francis Foord-Brown decimated his stack. In position, Gallagher bet 110,000 on a :::Ks:::8s:::7c flop and 170,000 on the :::4d turn.

On the :::5h river, Foord-Brown led out 275,000 and Gallagher called. Foord-Brown showed :::7s:::5s for the rivered two pair and Gallagher mucked his hand.

Francis Foord-Brown 2,650,000 400,000
Martin Gallagher 550,000 -820,000