Ghafoor Doubles in Dramatic Fashion

Erno Suominen raised to 14,000 from the cutoff and Vasile Paul Plastoi called in the small blind, Farook Ghafoor then three-bet to 38,000. Suominen folded, but Plastoi called and the flop came :::6h:::5d:::3d.

Plastoi checked, Ghafoor bet 85,000 and then called the shove of Plastoi to put himself at risk in a huge pot.

Farook Ghafoor: :::As:::Ah
Vasile Paul Plastoi: :::7h:::4h

The :::6d on the turn gave Ghafoor some hope, and sure enough the :::Ad on the river improved him to a full house and caused gasps all around. Ghafoor doubled for 357,500 and left Plastoi with a mere 20 big blinds.

Farook Ghafoor800,000705,500
Erno Suominen445,000-5,000
Vasile Paul Plastoi135,000-465,000