Gicovanu Doubles Again

Martin Soukup jammed it in from the button and Marius Gicovanu called in the big blind, having dropped below 10 big blinds as the blinds had gone up.

Marius Gicovanu: :::Ad:::5d
Martin Soukup: :::Qc{10c}

The :::Qd:::Jc:::7d flop gave Soukup top pair while Gicovanu had the nut flush draw. He improved to the flush with the {10d} turn, and now Soukup needed a queen or ten. A blank :::Ah river let the Romanian rail cheer once more, as Gicovanu kept his hopes of a title on home soil alive.

Martin Soukup 8,255,000 -1,645,000
Marius Gicovanu 2,730,000 1,630,000