Gicovanu Makes Bogdan Fold

Marius Gicovanu raised from the cutoff to 5,000 and the big blind, Simon Bogdan, defended.

The flop was :::6c:::4s:::Kc and Bogdan opted for the lead as he put in a bet of 6,500. Gicovanu called to see the turn card.

The dealer burnt and turned the :::As and Bogdan checked this time. Gicovanu lifted up a big stack of red 5,000 chips and dropped them over the line. The 60,000 he put in wasn’t enough to put Bogdan all-in, but it definitely made something clear to him.

Bogdan folded his hand with a sigh and Gicovanu raked in the pot.

Marius Gicovanu 170,000 97,000
Simon Bogdan 75,000