Gicovanu on the Ropes

Martin Soukup raised to 250,000 with the :::Kc:::Js and Marius Gicovanu defended the :::6d:::4h. Both checked the :::Qd:::Jc:::9h flop and the :::5c turn. Gicovanu bet the {10h} river for 200,000 and Soukup raised to 2,800,000 to force an instant fold from Gicovanu.

In a limped pot, Gicovanu bet the :::Kh{10c}{10s} flop with :::9h:::6d for 120,000 and Soukup called with the {10d}:::4h. Soukup improved to a full house on the :::4s turn on which both players checked and the :::2c appeared on the river.

Soukup bet and Gicovanu let go once more.

Martin Soukup9,900,000800,000
Marius Gicovanu1,100,000-800,000